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The new palladini tarot
David Palladini
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The creator of the best-selling Aquarian Tarot, brings to the New Palladini Tarot a deeper understanding of traditional tarots meanings and symbolism. New Palladini Tarot combines elements of medieval, Egyptian, Renaissance, and modern art in a bold, original style. The artwork is clear and vivid, with full-realized pictorial scenes for the Minor Arcana as well as the Majors. The color symbolism adds a depth to the readings, particularly the night sky backgrounds in the suit of Pentacles, which adds a meditative quality. The booklet guides the reader through the card meanings and interpretations, making this an ideal deck for beginners as well as the experienced tarot followers.

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Didysis astrologinis Mėnulio kalendorius 2018
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Серая книга защитной магии
Oracle of Visions
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