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CD: Relaxation by Indigo



One CD
1 First Light (6.44)
2 Sunrise (5.46)
3 Albatross (4.45)
4 The Brook (7.39)
5 Cloudwatching (5.35)
6 The Search (5.56)
7 Veiled Beauty (5.29)
8 The Forest (7.10)
9 Anima Mundi (5.29)
10 Dusk (6.28)

They say: Whether you prefer to recline in your favourite armchair at the end of the day, spend a blissful hour in the bathtub, meditate , give yourself a facial, burn essential oils or treat yourself to a massage, the profoundly peaceful sounds of keyboards, flute, guitar, and gentle percussion of Relaxation will help create a stress free sanctuary in which you can relax, unwind and recover, each and every day.

It is essential that we take time daily to withdraw from our hectic surroundings, yo nurture mind, body and spirit with quiet moments of rest and relaxation. The soothing music partnered with a loving commitment to your ownself-care is the perfect prescription to help counter the negative effects of the stress and fatigue we experience as the result of our increasingly fast-paced lives.

Perfect for: relaxation, meditation, massage, awide range of holistic and natural healing therapies and salon/spa treatments.

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CD: Relaxation by Indigo