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CD: Druid by Medwyn Goodall



Trukmė 1:53 minutes

The Tracks:
1 Nine Maidens (5:58)
2 Mermaids Rock (7:40)
3 Nine Maidens - Reprise (6:45)
4 Celtic Dawn (10:40)
5 Trewa - Home of the Druids (10:14)

They say: Cascading rivulets of ancient sounds, elusive special effects and magnificent instrumentation breathe life into the sacred and revered legacy of the Druid. Evoking the powers of the ancient Standing Stones of the West Country, this potent metaphysical music explores the inner secrets of nature, revealing a world of magic and legend.

Ethereal, mystical and most enjoyable.

We say: Druid has a low-key pagan, medieval feel to it. This has been a best selling album for many years (first launched in 1990) and did so well it inspired two further albums Excalibur and Merlin which combine to form the Druid Trilogy.

The atmosphere is very gentle and really does have an ancient druid-like atmosphere caused by the distant slow drum beats, slow chords, special effects and occasional distant haunting male vocals. An inspired and atmospheric album by one of the leading artists in new age music today.

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CD: Druid by Medwyn Goodall