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CD: Medicine Woman II by Medwyn Goodall



One CD
1 Celebration (6.43)
2 Invocation, part 2 (5.46)
3 Jungle Heart (5.43)
4 Orchid Potion (5.24)
5 The Gift (6.24)
6 Talking to the Sun (5.24)
7 Sacred Ground (4.56)
8 After the Rains (5.31)
9 Emerald - Mayan Relic (7.00)
10 The Gift - Single version (3.33)

They say: Medwyn Goodall's Medicine Woman 2 revisits the inspiration behind Medwyn's original and highly acclaimed Medicine Woman. The journey continues with a new album that echoes a land where storms have passed with the gift of new life. Through Medwyn's music the Goddess shares her powers with us, evoking the Emerald's power and restoring the Earth to purity. Medwyn provides us with a beautiful and intimate performance on Spanish Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Mandolin, authentic South American drums and a host of other instruments. Recorded in Medwyn's own studio, Medicine Woman 2 takes Medwyn's music to new heights.

Trukmė 56 min.

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CD: Medicine Woman II by Medwyn Goodall